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Flyer printing in Dubai

Flyer printing in Dubai

How the printing press works

With the original printing press, a frame is used to set groups of type blocks. Together, these blocks make words and sentences; however, they are all in reverse. The blocks are all inked and then a sheet of paper is laid on the blocks. All of this passes through a roller to ensure that the ink is transferred to the paper. Finally, the paper is lifted, and the reader can see the inked letters that now appear normally as a result of the reversed blocks.

These printing presses were operated by hand. Later, towards the 19th century, other inventors created steam-powered printing presses that did not require a hand operator. In comparison, today’s printing presses are electronic and automated, and can print much faster than ever before!

Today, there are multiple types of printing presses, each best for a specific type of printing. They include:


Similar in concept to Gutenberg’s press, letterpresses require an operator to set movable type, ink it, and press paper against it. The entire process is done by hand. The letterpress is often used by small, boutique printers, and offers a beautiful handmade look. However, it’s also inefficient and expensive compared to other printing presses.

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Efficient Advertising is one of the best, professional, and reliable printing and advertising company in Dubai. We offer high-quality printing services in Dubai, UAE. We provide the best quality printing services and flyer printing in dubai at competitive prices. Our team consists of experienced and skilled staff in all aspects of printing. We ensure the best custom printing solution according to your company’s needs.

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